36 Hours … Literally

And three weeks has flown by…. The anticipation has been building up and now the time is just around the corner. Feelings??? Ecstatic!!! Both at the job site and at the Kay Vision Group office/home, preparation has been going on to prepare for our first round of volunteers. Our professional photographers and videographers will arrive first on Saturday to set the stage… 

The skilled plumber and mason, who also have skills in tile work and sheetrock arrive the fly on the 13th and arrive to Haiti on the 14th.

We hope that people will continue to follow our story and continue to spread the word. We will definitely be posting pictures and writing some great feeds in the upcoming week. Continue to follow our story and share the message. Get us more volunteers!


One Comment on “36 Hours … Literally

  1. Great Work, keep it up. Hope the Haitian workers take full advantage of this opportunity.

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