Future Mission Trips

Foundations of  Home, inc.  is a non-profit corporation setup to operate as a charitable organization connecting construction tradesmen from around the world with the people of Haiti. Our primary goal is to provide construction training and education for the timed-out orphan, as well as recreation and training opportunities for toddlers to young adults living in orphanages in Haiti.

We are seeking volunteers with time, treasure, or talent in the construction trades of carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, tile laying, drywall hanging and finishing to provide on-site training to the local Haitians. We would like volunteers to be in country for at least one week. We welcome any other construction skills as well individuals with the ability to teach other  important life skills.

Service opportunities on the Calendar for Foundations of Home


Foundations Of Home, inc. Service Mission September 3 through September 10, 2014. This service mission is lead by Shae Goodwin. The focus this time will be on the street children, orphans, and under privileged children. Jeffery Louizia and his professional group of hip hop dancers will be our contractors. They will be bringing LOVOLUTION to Haiti. This mission will be a little different than our other missions. This mission is to motivate and inspire children through dance.



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